Nancy Jones 47 years old Wellington. NZ

I have a very sensitive skin type. Whenever I use some new products for my skin, I used to get some redness and itchiness all over my face and neck for several days. When one of my friends introduced Hydro Comfort to me, and I could notice that it was very gentle on my sensitive skin and provides good moisturizing without any irritation. I really love this product and proudly introduce to you whoever have a very sensitive skin type or very dry skin like me.
(Nancy Jones, 47 years old, Wellington, New Zealand)

Jack Casidy,56 years old Hamilton. NZ

I am Jack Casidy, New Zealand Maori. My grandson who lives in Gisborn has been suffered from Eczema(Atopy) and it makes all my family to worry about him a lot. He tried to use Hydro Comfort and it really helped to improve his skin condition to the stage of almost normal. He is now 11 years old and we know that he will be happier and grow well without waking up at night due to itchiness and suffering from pain. We hope that many kids who suffer from similar symptom like my grandson use this product and get cleared up their Eczema/ATOPY.
(Jack Casidy, 56 years old, NZ)

Brian Johnson Johnson Palmerston North, NZ

I have used this product on a variety of skin problems and have found your products to be helpful in eczema. I experienced a relief of itching and inflammation within a few days of using your product. I would definitely suggest that a person with mild to moderate eczema. thanks again.

Sunny Lee Wellington, NZ

Over a year ago I started getting spotty, flaky and itchy around my lip area and touching it would always aggravate it, sometimes forming pus. It was only controllable with anti-biotics and there were no creams which helped lessen the problem. I started using Hydro Comfort on it and on the rest of my face and I have found this has helped moisten the dry skin, dilute the bacteria from spreading any further and sped up the healing process dramatically. It's the only cream that has shown a positive reaction and the change is immediate.